Monday, May 28, 2018

Lean Six Sigma Videos


1.5 Sigma Shift – creating buffer from variation

In this post and associated lecture I have taken up 1.5 sigma, this simple concept confuses many specially who are new to six sigma but to cut long story short 1.5 sigma shift is...
Application of Lean – Gingerbread Movievideo

Application of Lean – Gingerbread Movie

Application of Lean is amazingly depicted through this video. The Gingerbread movie is an apt example of how Lean should be practiced in any process for optimum results. Lean is based on the principle...

DMAIC Example – Reaching office late

If you are interested to learn how Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC can be implemented in our day to day life, this video will explain it very easily.

The 5 Main Steps Of The Lean Manager

The 5 Main Steps Of The Lean Manager: This video provides a great explanation of the Lean Manager's role in a project process. A good video for those looking to understand what a Lean Manager...