Sunday, May 27, 2018

Total Productive Maintenance Videos

Application of Lean – Gingerbread Movievideo

Application of Lean – Gingerbread Movie

Application of Lean is amazingly depicted through this video. The Gingerbread movie is an apt example of how Lean should be practiced in any process for optimum results. Lean is based on the principle...

Introduction to 5S and the 7 Wastes

In this video, you will understand the basics of 5S and also the 7 Wastes (Muda) in a manufacturing setup.

A Lean Factory Tour – FastCap

A Lean Factory Tour: Are you interested in Lean Manufacturing? Well take a trip to the shop floor and see a lean factory tour at FastCap in Ferndale, Washington. Paul Akers is the founder...

An introduction to Total Productive Maintenance

An introduction to Total Productive Maintenance: Though this is a marketing video, but it provides a very basic information of what is Total Productive Maintenance, talks about the 6 major losses, introduction to the term...